*FREE GIVE-AWAY* – My First Short Story: “WITHIN”


So… these last few days I’ve spent some time designing a PDF version of my first horror short story, “WITHIN” (which is already available as a Kindle eBook via Amazon). I’ve produced this book to resemble a “facsimile” paperback edition and have had a blast designing it (I’m giving serious thought to learning more about graphic design!). Its yet more first steps on learning about this ePublishing business… I still have a shed-load to learn!!!

Anyway, the point of this blog post is:


Yep, I’m giving them away to readers of this blog! To wet your appetites, here is a sample of the PDF’s first page:


Its already received a few positive reviews on Amazon:

This body-horror story made my stomach turn and my skin crawl. Perfect! Pick it up!” – GeneGenie26

This little short about a field hospital in the Vietnam war was recommended to me so I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did. From the start, I was plunged into the horror of the Vietnam war, surrounded by Hueys, blood and screams. Then the bugs arrived :-) I won’t give any of the plot away, but it might make the reader cautious about eating foreign food…hehe.” – M.J.Lowe

This is horror in its truest form- graphic, hideously sickening and darkly disturbing. It will leave you unsettled and squirming in your seat, ever thankful that something this horrendous could never happen to you- or could it?!” – Mr Moonlight

Okay, so they’re not New York Times reviews, but a guy’s got to start somewhere, right?!

So, are YOU interested in getting your FREE COPY?

Just email me at my writing address – ian@neoglyphpress.com – with “FREE COPY OF WITHIN” in the subject line (or something similar!) and I will send you a free PDF copy by return email as soon as possible!

Simple as that :-)

I’d really be interested in feedback – positive or negative – as I’m keen to develop my writing further!

Hopefully, some of you will take me up on the offer and – even more hopefully – you’ll enjoy “WITHIN”!

Many, many thanks!

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2 responses to “*FREE GIVE-AWAY* – My First Short Story: “WITHIN”

  1. Wow. I shall email you post haste…

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