Trying to be a Kindle Single

So, I’ve sent off the submission email this afternoon and I’m waiting to hear…

Yes, I’ve proffered my short story Undergrowth forward to the Kindle Singles programme. I’ve been through their submission guidelines with a fine tooth comb (I’ve always wondered: does such an implement exist?) and they clearly state that its a programme open to all, established and indie authors a like.

Now, having briefly looked at the current Kindle Singles Best Seller list and seen the usual likes of Lee Childs, Karin Slaughter et al, I’m a little cynical as to what chance a new indie author has of being selected? Have the established names and publishing houses got this sown up? Possibly. It makes sense from a business perspective. Still, as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Of course, this is the big test for the indie author, isn’t it? Instant self publishing on the internet is mind boggling, especially on such a commercially succesful platform/site,  but how the hell does one get noticed? Hence a platform such as Kindle Singles, with its Amazon powered on-site PR, is so attractive. But there must be far more accessible avenues out there for the fledgling writer such as me?

This is something I need to learn and fast. Sure, there’s a greater reason I’m writing than just business (self esteem and artistic satisfaction come first) but it would be nice to sell some copies, right? After all, having put in all that blood, sweat and ink, it would be heartening to have my work read by a wider audience than just family and friends!

I feel like I am at the bottom of a huge learning curve and, looking up, it seems as steep as Everest!

Where’s a Sherpa when you need one…?

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“Nobody Knows Anything: Part 2″ – William Goldman Interviewed At Length

I’ve already posted an enlightening interview by author and screen-writing legend William Goldman on this blog (see archives), but I’ve just discovered this fascinating, and lengthy, interview that is essential for any fans of his.

This guy is an absolute genius, but even so it’s fascinating to hear that such an established name dislikes his own work so much. I guess even the most lauded and successful still have their insecurities.

As I say, this is a long interview but well worth listening to.


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August 31, 2013 · 13:11

Article: 6 Free Writing Podcasts

Another article for sharing, this time listing some useful writing-orientated podcasts. I’m starting to become something of a podcast addict: they help my morning walks to the dreaded workplace feel less torturous! So I’ll be checking out these and would be interested to hear of any other recommendations. Enjoy!

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Article: If Printed Books Die, Can You Still Get A Publisher?

An interesting article which I’d like to share… Enjoy!

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*FREE GIVE-AWAY* – My First Short Story: “WITHIN”


So… these last few days I’ve spent some time designing a PDF version of my first horror short story, “WITHIN” (which is already available as a Kindle eBook via Amazon). I’ve produced this book to resemble a “facsimile” paperback edition and have had a blast designing it (I’m giving serious thought to learning more about graphic design!). Its yet more first steps on learning about this ePublishing business… I still have a shed-load to learn!!!

Anyway, the point of this blog post is:


Yep, I’m giving them away to readers of this blog! To wet your appetites, here is a sample of the PDF’s first page:


Its already received a few positive reviews on Amazon:

This body-horror story made my stomach turn and my skin crawl. Perfect! Pick it up!” – GeneGenie26

This little short about a field hospital in the Vietnam war was recommended to me so I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did. From the start, I was plunged into the horror of the Vietnam war, surrounded by Hueys, blood and screams. Then the bugs arrived :-) I won’t give any of the plot away, but it might make the reader cautious about eating foreign food…hehe.” – M.J.Lowe

This is horror in its truest form- graphic, hideously sickening and darkly disturbing. It will leave you unsettled and squirming in your seat, ever thankful that something this horrendous could never happen to you- or could it?!” – Mr Moonlight

Okay, so they’re not New York Times reviews, but a guy’s got to start somewhere, right?!

So, are YOU interested in getting your FREE COPY?

Just email me at my writing address – – with “FREE COPY OF WITHIN” in the subject line (or something similar!) and I will send you a free PDF copy by return email as soon as possible!

Simple as that :-)

I’d really be interested in feedback – positive or negative – as I’m keen to develop my writing further!

Hopefully, some of you will take me up on the offer and – even more hopefully – you’ll enjoy “WITHIN”!

Many, many thanks!


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“UNDERGROWTH” – My Latest Horror Novelette


Well… its been a long time in the making and its diverted a lot of my creative energies these last few months, but I’m proud (and relieved!) to announce the eBook publication of my latest horror novelette, “UNDERGROWTH”. It’s 7000+ words of brutal, surreal horror, and if you want a taster, here we go:

Was it the sudden shock of intense pain overloading her brain into seeing hallucinations, for Sammie swore the woodland around them was alive; every branch and twig and tree and bud and thorn was reaching down towards them.

Blood dripped from open gashes to the earth beneath her and she sensed the ground eagerly absorbing every platelet. Sammie clumsily rose to her shocked feet and stumbled towards the car, all the while trying to shield her daughter who was sobbing into her shoulder.

Craig was still on the ground, his eyes wide in horror at the sight of his injured girls.

“Get in the damn car! You’ll both be safer in there!” he ordered.

Sammie yanked the back door open and practically threw her daughter onto the car seat, desperate to see her ensconced within a safe metal chassis. Slamming the door shut, she turned to Craig, ignoring his commands.

“Get in the damn car woman!

“Not without you!”

She raced to help her husband.

Craig had managed to unwrap most of the yellow-brown vine from around his ankles. It was as thick as an adult arm and flecks of his blood glistened along its surface, running down the thin rivulets carved into its skin.

I hope that’s wet your appetite? As I say, it’s available for a very reasonable price (honest!) on Amazon for Kindle:



I’d be really grateful if any of you would consider buying this little dark tale, and I’m curious for any feedback!

(Yes, I know that’s some shameless self-promotion, but I have a daughter to get through college [cue the violins]!)


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Mondo Music: Film Composer Lalo Schifrin

I’m in a soundtrack frame-of-mind tonight, so I thought I’d share some great film music from one of my favourite composers: Lalo Schifrin. In a art-form where the likes of John Williams, Ennio Morricone, John Barry and Jerry Goldsmith are considered titans, Schifrin is a composer I feel has been forgotten to a degree. Which is a shame, as he has composed some absolute gems.

Certainly, as a kid of loved to watch lots of cool-ass 70’s films on TV, I was early acquainted with his propulsive percussion-and-bass driven scores. In particular, his work on Dirty Harry and Bullitt are absolute classics of that 60’s/70’s funk-jazz heyday, and it’s shame that his style (along with composers such as David Shire) went out of fashion as the mid/late 70’s embraced the return of orchestral/symphonic film scores.  Listen to contemporary scores by the likes of David Holmes and you’ll hear the DNA of Schifrin running through it.

Schifrin was also able to bring a menacing, off-kilter, vibe to his music: just listen to the “voices-in-his-head” theme for the psychotic Scorpio in Dirty Harry, or his iconic creepy-choir-chanting theme from The Amityville Horror.

Then there’s his early work in TV: yep, Schifrin is the man that gave us the Mission: Impossible theme. Iconic!


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